Month: March 2017

Great Tips When Visiting a Newborn

Visiting a newborn is one of the most exciting occasions I have experienced. Babies, especially the very young ones, are cute and lovely. I have, at times, heard of many mothers complain of some of the uncouth visitors they have had to handle. Today we’re going personal. The tips here come from my experiences that I thought wise sharing with you. Take the role of a host When you get to the house, offer to help out in cleaning. If it is possible, make sure that you leave dinner in the fridge. Do some laundry and help wash the dishes. Trust me;...

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Must Have Toys for Your Child

Toys have always tickled my fancy up to this age. I have always had a collection of toys that I ensure is passed down to all my siblings. Below is what I feel that every parent should consider purchasing for their children.  Toys from Cartoon Characters Nothing has ever made me more excited than when my mum got me a Mickey Mouse doll. To add icing to the cake, the little doll was battery powered and would move around. Go to that shop and buy your daughter toys from Marcia and the Bear cartoon; they will not forget you!...

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