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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting the brain nerve cells characterized by recurrent seizures.   It can affect people at different ages and in different ways. In children the type of seizure depends on whether the whole brain is affected (generalized seizure) or just a certain part of it (partial seizure). As a young adult with epilepsy I still depend on my parents for so much. This got me thinking about parents whose children have been diagnosed with epilepsy. For some it will be a temporary problem easily controlled with medication and will out grow  it after a few years...

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Last week on Friday I went to  check on my friend Moreen, she had recently given birth to a baby boy. As it is always tradition you can’t visit a baby empty handed, can you? I was so happy seeing her with her baby Scofield Carlton, what a handsome boy! “You have added so much weight, but you still look pretty,” I told her with a lot of excitement. She became all gloomy and frustrated, well, I did not realize my mistake until later on when I learned that some compliments are to be avoided especially to women who...

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A child is a blessing to parents and to a marriage.  Being a parent on the other hand is a responsibility that calls for a lot of attention. No parent chooses the kind of child they want and hence your only duty as a parent is to love them unconditionally and take care of them. Some children are born with Autism, this is a mental disorder, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people in using language and abstract concepts. Autism can be diagnosed at a very early age between 2-3 years as the child tends...

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Starting Over as a Divorced Parent : How to Have a Stress-Free Move

Things in life change. Divorce isn’t always easy, but it’s often for the best for everyone involved. Families can be just as healthy and happy separately. However, moving can be stressful. Here is how you can have a successful and stress-free moving day. Plan Ahead The best tip to a stress-free moving day is to plan ahead as far in advance as possible. Make a timeline to get things done, such as decluttering and packing. What will the weather be like when you plan to move? While summer is often the easiest time to move, it may also be...

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Tips For Single Mothers

I recently published an article on how to be an amazing single dad. I have been doing intense research on tips for single mothers too. I would like to start by saying that you are strong and amazing beings! Phenomenonal women. Being able to bring up your children single handedly is not a joke. The ability to bring up all-rounded children on your own is a work of art. Now let me give you a few tips that might sharpen your skills. Make Time For Your Children Remember all the time at the back of your mind that you...

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