Month: January 2017

 Morning Schedule Every Mum Should Try

Mornings can be the toughest times for all mothers; especially when they have young school going children and a job to rush to. So, let us talk about what you should do before you sleep every evening. You should lay out clothes that your family needs to wear the next day, to avoid the morning hustle. This includes your children’s school uniform. Ensure that neither the next day’s breakfast nor packed lunch is frozen. Thawing it in the morning might give it a funny taste. Put the children to bed early enough to ensure that they wake up fresh...

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3 Homemade snacks for kids!

Children love snacking most of the time when at home;mainly during the weekends or after school. It is very frustrating when you cannot reach the nearest mall to buy a few things. This is why I believe that you should know about these three, easy to make treats. Banana crisps. They are my favorite. They are also very easy to make. All you do is  get your ripe bananas, cut them into long slices and dip them in hot oil. After they turn brown, drain all the oil and put them in a plate. Serve them with a glass...

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Why children should watch TV before going to school.

Children love watching Television. We all know the programs they love watching most, cartoons! This also varies with the ages of the children as slightly older children are inclined to watching more informative programs. We as  parents play a huge role in determining what they  watch as some programs might require parental guidance. This is where I hope you have children restrictions on your TV turned on! I believe that children should watch TV in the morning before they go to school, for at least 25-30 minutes. I personally let my siblings watch their favorite programs each morning as...

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How big should a family be?

​I ask, how big should a family be? This is a question that would be answered differently by most of you. I will give my answer right here the bigger, the merrier! This is my opinion influenced by the size of my family back at hom;we are 8. I believe that this is topic that most girls discuss in their sleep overs, dressed up in their little cute pajamas. Guys rarely  discuss this, if they do, maybe this is when they are on their sixth or seventh bottle of you know what. (They avoid the topic like a plague!)...

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Is your child finally going to school? Are you exhilarated? Amidst all the joy there is fear lurking in the back of your mind. I am sure that you are worried about the quality of the school that you might pick for your son or daughter. The child has lived all of their life at home and now they are moving into a new environment where they have to interact with other people. Will they catch diseases?You keep wondering! Here are a few things that you should look into before you select a school for your child:- Fee Structure....

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