Month: February 2017

Reasons Why your Child Is a Poor Feeder

Feeding time at our homes can lie at both extremes; stressing or enjoyable. Some of us have a hard time ensuring that our children eat at least three spoons of their food. It is heart-wrenching when a child cannot finish a plate of the stew you carefully prepared from your recipe book. Here are some of the reasons why they might be feeding poorly: How is your cooking? At times we tend to imagine that children are the ones who are at fault for not eating. We once had a nanny who would cook food that I would closely compare...

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Why You Should Fight In Your Children’s Presence

Fights and arguments are things that we choose to sweep under the carpet in most households. As parents, we brew our mega disagreements in private, and then bring our resentment towards each other at the table.  Do you know how much our silent treatment towards each other negatively affects our children? Here are a few reasons why we should let our children see us incensed once in a while: They get to understand the dynamics of an argument. They will have a baseline of what would annoy other people. Consequently, they will avoid it at all costs. It gives them...

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6 Types of Shoes you Should Not Let Your Child Wear

When our little angels start walking, getting them a pair of shoes is the next big thing in our minds. At times, we might not be very keen on the type of shoes that we purchase; this might be unhealthy for them. I thought it is vital that I highlight some of the shoes you should veer off when shopping. Unfitting Shoes At times, when we buy our children shoes, we may forget to check if they fit. These could be either over-sized or undersized shoes. Undersized shoes are dangerous as they might cause injury to the feet or...

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5 Reasons Why Mums and Daughters fight

Fighting between moms and daughters is a very common scenario in most households. It is a bug that never leaves our homes. It happens between young daughters and their mothers to the very old ones. It piqued my curiosity and I decided to research on some of the causes. This is what I found; prepare your taste buds lovely people: Hormonal Imbalances We females have hormonal imbalances every single month, and they can get overwhelming at times. This gets insane especially if you live with your mother and both of you tend to have awful mood swings. This will...

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5 Photos of Your Child You Should Not Post on Social Media

We are at an age where we love and enjoy capturing every single moment with our children. However, there are photos that we should not upload on various social media platforms as they would be demeaning to the child thereby affecting them negatively. Here are some of them: When using the potty– This is one of the private businesses of a child. You do not want to expose this to the world, where it lasts forever. Moreover, it might subject the child to ridicule in future. During bath time– This is one of the most intricate moments of every human...

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