Month: March 2017

Are You Almost Giving Birth? Here are a few tips for you

Nearing your due date is one of the most exciting things that a family undergoes. Attending antenatal clinics, on the other hand, should be mandatory for every mother despite it being hectic. It is also important to ensure that you are preparing for your delivery day so that you do not have unnecessary hitches. Here are a few things that you should look out for:- Identify a suitable hospital for your delivery  It would be very hectic when that day comes and you cannot decide the hospital that you want to go to. It is advisable to look at the...

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How To Be A Great Single Dad

Being a single dad is one of the most challenging roles that a parent might have to face. Men believe that women know most of the fundamental tasks in child upbringing. When faced with this, a myriad of problems might be the least of what you experience. Here is something special that I have prepared for you:  Talk to your employer and try to and adjust your schedule You might want to leave work earlier and spend some time with your child. A bit of tweaking on your schedule would be great. Have I mentioned that you need...

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Is your Child Not Doing Their Homework?

Homework is one of the things that would stress me as a child. I would not understand why we would simply not leave school work back at school. This is common with most our children at home. I have had encounters with parents whose children hide their homework from them. It is very heartbreaking when they are called in by the teachers, only to learn that their children have not been doing their homework for a whole term. Does your child’s school give them a diary? If they give one, you should ensure that you sign it every single...

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What is Dyslexia? Here are the answers!

Dyslexia is a lifelong condition that affects children making it hard for them to read. They are unable to read accurately and fluently but can understand things read to them. It can also affect many other skills such as spelling, writing, math, and reading comprehension. If you have watched the movie Taare Zameen (Shine Like a Star), you would understand perfectly how a dyslexic child behaves like. Here are some of the symptoms you should look for: The child is talented in drama and arts. They are good in storytelling. They appear highly intelligent and bright but have...

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Disciplining a Child Using Bad Language

No matter how much we might want to protect our children, our shields would only reach so far. We might try to teach them all the polite words but they would  still hear all the bad words out there. Hearing foul language is inevitable, either in school or from the TV. Our greatest task is to know how to correct them each time they make the mistakes. Here are ways in which you can discipline your lovely angels; Mind your language at home You do not expect your child to use good language if all they hear are profanities coming from...

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