Month: April 2017

Mental Disorders in Children

    This sounds very strange, but yes, children have mental illnesses. They have become very common lately. This is why we should strive to learn about then and be able to point them out easily.  Most children are are at times thought as being anti social or I’ll mannered where as they are genuinely sick. They are simply tiny gifts that we need to take care of and understand in totality. I am currently rotating in the Psychiatric department and some conditions have fascinated me. I have found them to be super interesting and I think that I...

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How Bad is Diarrhoea in Children?

Diarrhoea can be scary. Yes, passing of loose stool by your child can be alarming. I will agree with you, it is nerve racking. I have had disheartening experiences in the Paediatrics ward that prompt me to write about this. I saw many children lose their lives after they were brought to the hospital when it was too late. A lot of times I had to balance tears as we tried to resuscitate a child. At times I got very annoyed as I saw a mother bring in their 8 months old baby after 4 days of passing loose...

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3 Ways To Stop Bed wetting

We can all relate to those busy mornings as we prepare our children for school. If you prefer washing them at night like I do, we know where my story is headed to. It can get hair raising when you realize that your child wet the bed and you end up with a series of things to do that morning- bathe them again, wash the sheets afresh, and know where to air the mattress. While there are many myths and misconceptions going around on how to stop bed wetting, I have three ways that have proven to work when it comes...

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Is Your Child Having Trouble Sleeping?

It can be a nightmare when you are trying to get your child to sleep in the evenings and they cannot. This happens a lot during the nights when you are most tired. Here are a few things that you should do to ensure that your child sleeps early: (a) Try creating an evening schedule This is should include activities such as bathing her right before they sleep. This will make them associate bathing and sleeping. This means that they will not bother you when you lay them in bed. (b) Give them less sugary foods during the evenings This...

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5 Risk Factors for Drowning in Children

Drowning is one of the scariest things that comes to our minds when our children go swimming. We might want to blame the swimming instructors when this happens, but, at times, we are the ones to blame. Here are a few mistakes that we make which might increase the risk of drowning in children: (a) Having children decide when to enter the pool We should ensure that children wait for affirmation from us before getting into the pool. They should understand that they simply cannot get into the pool when they wish to. It will definitely make it easier...

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