Month: May 2017

What Do Nannies Want?

How do you spend your Saturday afternoons? I prefer spending mine at home or at the Lake Side. In case I forgot to mention, I spend most of my year in Kisumu City!!! I spent my Saturday last week with a lovely lady at a restaurant in town. I had waited for her for almost an hour, which made me fear that she had bailed out on me. Luckily, she hastily walked in looking rather tired and out of breath. I joined a WhatsApp group a few months ago and we once discussed nannies. Little did I know that...

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From Ruguru’s Family, to Yours

Hello there! This will be a very interesting post. I suggest that you get a cup of coffee and some cookies, we are going for a long ride. I am wearing this post on my sleeve as I share some things that my family loves doing and I hope it excites yours too. I will share with you one of my beauty and peace giving secrets. My mum and I love spending tonnes of time together, mostly on weekends when I am at home. We recently discovered a ‘Beauty Home’ down in Hurlingham, Nairobi. This is Body Evolution by...

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To Somebody, Who Lost a Child

Losing a child is painful and heart wrenching. It is one of the experiences that most parents dread. Unfortunately it often happens and in most cases, it is unexpected. The loss can be to an old parent or to one who just held their bundle of joy. Millions of parents out there undergo this, but the feeling is unique; the experience is all personal. This is the moment when one strongly needs their friends around them the most. Slipping into depression can be quite easy at various stages of the loss. If you are out there and you know...

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What Is Post-Partum Depression?

This is depression that women get after giving birth to their little angels. It is quite common, but at times, it goes unnoticed or is taken for granted. It has led to many mothers having suicidal thoughts and and some execute the thoughts to completion. There are many ways of knowing if your spouse or friend has post-partum depression depending on whether they elicit the following signs: Inability to continue with normal tasks The lady will have trouble concentrating on usual normal tasks previously performed with no difficulty such as cleaning of the home. She might even neglect her own...

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What Your Child’s Poop Says

Have you taken some time to observe the bowel habits of your child? They can speak a lot about their internal body processes. They can tell you more about their general health status. Some symptoms that include anxiety, poor memory, seizures, or migraines might point at a problem in the gastrointestinal tract. Fecal matter is a waste product that should be completely excreted from the body. Here are a few symptoms that you should look out for: Constipation This is when a child has difficulty in passing stool. You might observe this if they take abnormally long in the washroom- if they have not carried any reading materials that might keep them busy. If you also observe pellet shapes stools or they have a feeling of not completely emptying their bowels. This might be a cause of food reaction such as lactate or gluten intolerance. The indigestible food products might cause the constipation. This might also be caused by eating a lot of unprocessed grains in their diet. Also a child who has chronic stress might have a shutdown of the digestive system causing constipation. They might also be having a deficiency in the useful bacteria in their stomachs that aid in the digestion of foods. What to do:- You can increase their intake of processed grains. Weetabix ensures that your child passes stool properly as digestion is improved....

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