Month: June 2017

Doctor Fitness on Exciting Parenting !

I saw Esther Dindi for the first time on NTV’s, Better Living Show with Kobi Kihara. I could not help but notice her zeal and commitment towards health and fitness. Being in the medical field, she was well placed to talk about body systems with ease. I almost skewed from my long time love, Paediatrics, to Internal Medicine just like her (I was damn serious then!). The most exciting thing was the passion that she had for maintaining a healthy body and keeping fit. I have been watching her YouTube videos on how to exercise each morning. I was...

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Do Children Get Stressed?

Hello muffins. I would like to apologize for being gone for too long. I missed you all! I had to concentrate on my exams back at campus. It has not been a walk in the park. Otherwise, I hope that your children are doing fine, still popping the vitamins. How is school for them? I hope their grades have been really fine. Have the older ones learnt how to make some pancakes? Get them some chocolate syrup to go with it! Yesterday I happened to watch a movie that left me with lots of mixed feelings. It is called “Ask...

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Spices and Everything Nice

Yeah, we will be talking about the spices of life, and everything nice. This will be a unique blog post, what I would like to call a special one. Its a rather personal one. Whether you are a parent or not, you need to enjoy the good things in life. I perfectly understand that parenthood comes with a lot of responsibilities and one might get lost and  forget themselves in it all. This is why I encourage parents to keep a diary and keep track of their daily lives: their activities and their well-being. You will get organised and...

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Football Whisperer, Anima Ferrari, on Parenting

Anima is a fun loving young lady whom I have admired for a very long time. At 33, I must say, she has gone against all odds. She worked as a former football administrator serving the Gor Mahia FC as the Deputy Secretary General for 3 years. She is also an entrepreneur and is looking forward to taking part in active politics (I chose to leave that there to pique your curiosity). She has two lovely children that she enthusiastically describes as her world. She pauses for a moment as she continues to tell me their names. The first...

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