Month: August 2017

Why Your Child Should be Confident

Confidence in a child is one of the features that create a brilliant adult. This is a character that we want oozing from our children.  It also opens up many doors for them as they can participate in as many activities as they would wish to. One of my favorite TV shows is Blackish. The children acting in the film are confident and bring out their characters in the best light. Achieving this level of boldness in a child requires a lot of contribution from the parents. This can be read in my previous article, 5 Languages of Love...

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Raising Children Who Get Along With Others.

Every parent wants to have a child who gets along with the other children. You want to go to a play ground and have your child hang out and play with the others in peace. I have seen many mothers who get stressed out when they have to go to public places. Either the children are ill mannered and fight with the rest or are too shy and will sit at a corner the whole time. We want that vibrant child who always has a good time with their peers, and thank God I have solutions to that: -Teach...

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