Month: October 2017

Sleep Training

Sleep scheduling can become hectic especially for new mothers. It becomes hard to know when your child wants to sleep. One never knows how long their child should sleep. This is why I would recommend sleep training for parents who want to enjoy a beautiful relationship with their children. This is not a necessary step that everyone should take, but probably you should try it. We have professional sleep trainers who can do it at from the comfort of your home. The training is suitably done for children at the age of 4 months to 6 months. You could...

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Is Your Child Obese?

Child obesity is increasingly becoming common in our society. It was previously considered as a problem in the western countries. Children nowadays are weighing more than what is recommended in their age groups. It is hilarious how parents cringe at the thought of their children being underweight during clinic check-ups, and do not give the same reaction to being overweight. Parents are having a flawed notion that the heavier the child, the healthier they are. This is totally incorrect as it poses numerous dangers to the child’s life. Have we noticed the increasing number of cases of children with...

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23 Never Felt This Good!

I turned 23 years last week, on 26th of September. It was exciting, and I finally realised that life is not short, it is pretty long. I feel like I have lived 10 decades already!  I thank God for the far that he has brought me, it has all been by His grace.     This past year has been a good one. I finally got to the clinical section of my studies, where i had been looking forward to almost forever! It has been a good experience handling the patients and seeing them walk out of the hospital...

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