Month: December 2017


We have had a lovely year. There are tones of things to be thankful for. As this new year begins, I wish you lots of joy. May you have many cups of coffee to drink. May your cookie jars never run empty. May your bars of chocolate magically replenish themselves. May your clothes always stay fresh, and may your perfume jars never run dry.* I know that you have wonderful plans set aside for your family. Probably you want your children to join a new school.This is a new start for you as a family. As you shop for...

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For those who have met my family members, they would attest to it that we all have a funny side to ourselves. We are easy going, like a Sunday morning we always find a lighter side to life. We could spend a whole day together and feel like it only lasted a few hours, we enjoy our own company. A few days ago, we had one of the most dramatic moments of our lives. My siblings and I were peeling potatoes at the verandah so that we could make French fries for the evening. My younger sister Wairimu went...

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Guilt and growth: Meeting the unique challenges of single fatherhood

It’s been said that a single parent’s hardest job is having to play a dual role, to be both mom and dad. Men who find themselves in that position often struggle to be a patient listener and a nurturing parent capable of caring for a child’s emotional and physical needs. It’s typically considered a more natural role for women. A single father will often have to work at it, perhaps slowly and painfully, while he wonders whether he’s doing his best for a child who needs him to be everything. Just fix it Men are inclined to seek lasting...

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