Month: February 2018

Why are mothers afraid of shaving their hair?

Shaving of hair by many women has become a bug that I have failed to escape. I thought that probably many of the women chopping off their hair had dark reasons of doing it. I supposedly imagined that maybe it was ideal to go to their work stations way. Or maybe they were fanatics of the new feminism wave; one that I think has been taken to dangerous levels. I cut my hair yesterday. Yes, you read that right. It was some long natural hair. I simply woke up, picked a pair of scissors and cut my braids. I...

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Who Takes Care of Children in School?

I happen to know a couple of teachers who work in various schools in our country. One particular one never lacks a story to narrate to me about her day. Let us call her Jackie. Jackie teaches students in the lower primary classes. Her love for children is insatiable. She has been teaching for the last 24 years and her experiences have been skewed towards the bad and good. Recently, as the class one pupils were reporting, she noticed something strange about one of the boys in class. He stood behind the queue with his hand tucked behind his...

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Fun Activities That Will Keep Kids’ Skills Sharp This Cold Season

Can’t stand another holiday break of kids parked in front of the TV? All parents want their kids to to keep learning, even when school is out, but it’s not easy to get children motivated for worksheets and reading lists. This year, skip the battle by trying these fun, educational activities that kids can get excited about. Mathematics If you have kids, you’ve almost certainly heard “When am I ever going to use this?” as they pore over math problems. It’s not easy for kids to link math with its real-world applications, but at-home activities can help connect the...

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