Month: March 2018

I Almost Died For My Children

‘The next morning, I woke up from the mortuary.’ Janet Said. Those words shook me to the roots of my very existence. I shifted my gaze from her heavily disfigured face, to the couches at Java. I had selected the one at Garden City. It is away from town, and again, easy to access from my home. I have to accept my undying love for their classical lemonade. Janet had sent me an email and requested to meet me. I was hesitant not knowing if I would end up gutted like fish. I chose to take the risk. She...

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The Best Easter Projects for Single-Parent Families

For many families, Easter is a time to be together and celebrate tradition and shared values, but it can also be a great time to teach your kids the joys of giving back. Just as Christmas can be a wonderful way to instill the importance of family and giving, Easter can help strengthen the bond you share with your loved ones while allowing you to be creative and helpful. There are many ways you and your children can share in the joys of Easter together. Take a look around your community to get an idea of what the needs...

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