Month: July 2018

Preparing Your Kids for a Stress-Free School Year

For many children, the start of a new school year is an exciting, if stressful, time. However, a significant percentage of children experience high levels of anxiety as the first day approaches. As their parent, you are one of the most important people in your child’s life and can help ease their minds about the upcoming year.  Here are some ways you can get started. Start Mornings Off Positively Begin by helping your child to start their morning on a positive note. This actually starts about a week before, when you should urge your child to start easing back...

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Getting Fatigued in Parenting?

Do you ever feel as if you are burning out in parenting? Or you wish that you would take a break and breath a bit? Trust me most people feel that way. I totally appreciate the amount of time that one can be able to spend alone and have fun on their own. Even being able to go home on your own and have a breather becomes a huge thing that one is always continually longing for. Even having an early Saturday morning where one can simply put up their legs to dry in the sun with a glass...

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Toast Bread Recipe Kids Will Love!!

If you have been on my social media feeds, you would easily tell that I am strongly gravitating towards cooking! I would say it’s a phase. I recently discovered a new recipe where I make spongy toast bread for my siblings! Trust me they end up being so soft and they smell so good. I hope that I get enough time (school is on my neck now) to make a YouTube video on this! Break two eggs in a bowl. Add 7 table spoons of milk ( boiled milk.) Stir everything together and add a pinch of salt.(You can...

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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting the brain nerve cells characterized by recurrent seizures.   It can affect people at different ages and in different ways. In children the type of seizure depends on whether the whole brain is affected (generalized seizure) or just a certain part of it (partial seizure). As a young adult with epilepsy I still depend on my parents for so much. This got me thinking about parents whose children have been diagnosed with epilepsy. For some it will be a temporary problem easily controlled with medication and will out grow  it after a few years...

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