Month: January 2019

Teachers With Guns Handling Students?

We have recently had this debate on whether our teachers should be allowed to carry guns to schools. I would say I’m relieved it got swept under the carpet. There are some who argued that it would give them an upper hand in case armed shooters came to school facilities. But again, I tend to think that the disadvantages significantly outweigh the advantages. How many times have we heard of teachers who have beaten up students to death, or even maimed them? With a mere stick. Other cases were bizzare where some teachers inflicted serious trauma to the children...

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How Do Our Children Become Terrorists?

After the terror attack in Kenya at Dusit D2, where 21 people lost their lives, a lot of questions have come up. Most parents of these young men only saw them on TV killing people, they did not have an idea of what their sons had become. It is heart breaking. I am sure that every parent is now doing everything possible to ensure that their child does not get involved in such activities. How a tender hearted child turns into a heartless killer, shooting and bombing to  kill as many as possible is unfathomable. It is beyond human...

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Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep No Matter Your Age

We all know sleep is a necessity, but most people don’t realize just how important it is. According to Business Insider, “Sleep helps us form strong memories, allows our muscles, bones, and organs to repair themselves, and helps strengthen the immune system.” Those aren’t the only benefits. Adequate sleep also gives you the energy to power through the day and remain focused, which is extremely helpful for both young students and career- and family-focused adults. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to catch enough shut-eye. If sleep hasn’t been easy for you lately, take note of the following tips. How...

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