Month: February 2019

My Other 45 Children!

Eunice Menja is a young lady who has gone beyond her reach to bring up many children. She is a mother of two girls and lives in the United States of America. She runs a children home in Kenya, Murang’a county, called Upendo Children’s Home. Here is our conversation with her: EP: Where did you get the inspiration to start Upendo Kids? I think my childhood experience played a huge role in making me see the needs of others as important and urgent. I was a Sunday school teacher you know, and the goodbye party with hundreds of kids...

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My Valentine’s Tips For Mums and Dads!

Being a parent and also wanting to enjoy the worldly pleasures can be quite stressing. Knowing where to strike the balance can be confusing. Now this is why I am telling you that you deserve every single good thing in this world,  including enjoying a beautiful Valentine’s celebration. Celebrating your love and also your hard work of bringing up beautiful kids is a favour you should give yourself. Here are my tips on how you can enjoy yourself, and still be at peace with how your children are doing :- a) Take a trip with your kids. With time,...

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Details Of Your Child Not To Put On Social Media

Social media has now become one of our most important journals. We keep our treasured memories there, and even share them with a community of strangers. Privacy settings on our individual profiles have slowly been put away, the more the followers, the better, despite whether you know them or not. This should in turn come with careful measures of ensuring that we sensor what we put out there. We have chosen to be on social media, but our young ones have not made the choice to live their lives out there publicly. These are some of our children’s details...

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