Month: May 2019

”My Husband Stabbed me 6 times”

A lady sent me an email last week. I read it twice with tears in my eyes. She sent it late at night. It was well polished and edited. I guessed that she had been writing it for a couple of days, making several adjustments to ensure that I got the exact message. I felt the exact pain that she and her children were going through. Every weight felt. One morning, a month ago, she reported to work as usual. She works at a cyber café. The business is in the topmost floor. The building hosts several other businesses...

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Taking Stock On Exciting Parenting

I have always enjoyed reading Taking Stock series from other bloggers. My favorite one was from Thisisess. The expression of emotions and feelings through the questions brings clarity into ones surroundings. Anyway, who does not like writing through guided questions? I thought it important to let you, my community of readers into what has been happening on the background. Grab your cup of coffee, feel warm as we divulge into this! Making: More effort to become consistent and churn out more content for my readers. Positive content that is uplifting, enlightening, inspiring and educating. Cooking: More porridge for supper....

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Where Exciting Parenting Came From

This question has been posed to me enough times, and as polite as I am (at least that’s what I think), I have answered it several times.  Anyway, here we are again, since most people have been asking about the inspiration for its inception. It was during one of my school breaks (loudly read as doctors’ strike) when the idea came up. Wait, my name is Ruguru Kimani, and I am a Medical Student. Also, I am half human and half amazing. I figured out that probably as you read this you do not even figure out who the...

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