Month: July 2019

Grooming Your Child Into Medical School

This is an interesting topic to write on. One very close to my heart. I have received many emails from parents who believe that their children were born to be doctors. They mostly want to know requirements into getting into medical school, or any pieces of advice I would send over to their children. Here is what I think you should know: a) Exposure leads to a build up of interest. It would be easier for someone to develop interest in a field that they have had exposure to. Be it talks, seminars or even career days. This way,...

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Weetabix Review

Weetabix is one of the cereals that has been there since time immemorial. I gobbled down chunks of this as a young child. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, I developed celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and this delicacy remained to be something I only oogle at from supermarket shelves. Or as other people down their breakfast in joy. Much of what I will be commenting on is mainly about what I have heard, my experience with my siblings at home, and mainly old memories from when I would enjoy the cereal for breakfast. I love how simple it is...

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