Month: December 2019

Gizzards Recipe Kids Will Love! (Step by step pictures)

Out of my numerous experiments that I try out with my siblings, I discovered an amazing recipe that they have come to love. Making gizzards and serving them with rice for dinner. This is an easy recipe to make. I would also want to mention that at home we do not use plenty of spices, which I also think is healthy for young children. For anyone would like to twist up the recipe, feel free to do so, where appropriate. We bought the chicken gizzards at Tuskys supermarket, 1.068kgs for ksh 640.80. They were fresh and within their expiry...

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Milele Beach Hotel, Family Holiday Destination

To my amazing community of readers, I have missed you! I know we met on the site last week with another article and here we are once more. I think what must be exciting me so much is because of the content that I have to offer today. Over to what I have been up to, I have been somewhere doing some powerful research for you! I found a beautiful holiday destination for you and your family, right by the beach of the Indian Ocean, in Mombasa, Kenya. This is The Milele Beach Hotel. Easily accessible if one is...

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Transform Your Yard into a Safe Haven for Kids and Pets

One of the most wonderful aspects of childhood is playing outside and finding ways to entertain yourself without technology. We did it everyday as children, but our children today are sadly missing out on these moments with their busy schedules and screen time.  If you’re a lucky homeowner who has a yard for the kids and pets to play in, encourage them to play outside by transforming your yard into a wonderland. As you set up the yard for them, take steps to ensure that it’s a safe space for play. While it’s important to take your dog for...

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Best Years To Influence Good Character in Your Child’s Life

Parenting is a full time role with different seasons. There are numerous stages through which a child grows. In each of the stages, they require attention at different intensities. Parents also require varying of their influence levels through the growth. Also, the different roles of the caregivers are also seen to influence a child differently during the various stages of development. From research and literature, it is indicated that after 7 years of age, the child’s framework is already formed. There is a tender gap between the ages of 1-7 years where the caregivers can be able to form...

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