Month: April 2020

Is Self-Isolation Bringing Out Abusive Parenting?

How are you doing during this period? We can all agree that this is undeniably one of the most confusing moments that we have experienced so far. I am also lost in all this but trying to find myself. As I shared on the previous post, I bet you want to go back there and see what I wrote as I took stock during this moment. Amidst all this, I have received emails and messages on my social media platforms on people wanting me to cover the topic of abusive parenting during this trying moment. It drains my spirit...

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How have you been? I have missed you all in the personal stories section. We have been doing different kind of content previously and I felt it important to come out here and talk to you, personally. This Covid-19 period is a difficult one, we all have to self-isolate and stay home. It is quite different from what we are used to. This is definitely a new normal for us. Something I have never imagined would ever happen to us. One thing that I am sure about is that we will make it through this, and we will get...

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