Month: May 2020


Greetings! I have missed you all. This is now beginning to sound like a letter, to you my community of readers, people that I have connected with for such a long time, over the years. You all feel like family, and that is why I am here to share with you the good news! We have a new line of aprons for you to try on. We now have a set of aprons by Exciting Parenting, dedicated to you, who have been here since day one, and those too who joined us through our three years journey. We can...

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Tips on having the sex talk with your child

For most parents, having the sex talk with your child is one of the most nerve-racking events in life. There are words that are difficult to pronounce, for example condoms, pregnancy or even ejaculation. This can be difficult and stressing. The best part is that when you have the talk, it will save you a lot of agony by ensuring that your child has tips on how to survive on their own. Honestly, you will not be there as your child makes every single important decision of their life, and thus equipping them with the necessary tools is essential....

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