Month: August 2020


What is diaper rash? Diaper rash is a mild and self-limited skin condition in young infants and toddlers that occurs in skin surfaces that are in direct contact with diapers (the thighs, buttocks and genitalia) It is actually very common and most of the time requires minimal intervention. What are the symptoms of diaper rash? Irritated and red skin in the diaper regionThe baby cries when you wash or touch the diaper region What causes diaper rash?  Prolonged contact with the baby’s stool and urine leads to irritation of the baby’s skin  Chemical irritation from products e.g....

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The vaccine story

This is a story that I have wanted to write for the longest time ever. Let us say, more than a year. If you are a writer, you will know the struggle that comes in phrasing articles to suit the voice that your readers are used to. I have always valued quality over quantity, and waiting till I can write at my best, to create content. Just before we dive into it, let me address the elephant in the room. If you follow me on social media, (Which I would highly recommend.), you would have known by now that...

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