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How to Be Friends with Your Child: 10 Ground Rules

Introduction: We all want our children to grow up to be friends, but what does that look like in practice? How do you make sure that you stay close to your child as they grow and explore the world on their own terms? It can be a tricky balance, but with the right ground rules in place, it’s definitely achievable. We’ve put together 10 essential tips for being friends with your child–follow them and you’re sure to have a strong and lasting relationship. 1. Introduction: why you should be friends with your child Parents often wonder if they should be friends with their children. The answer is yes! Friendships are beneficial on both sides, and there are some ground rules to follow in order to make sure the friendship is a healthy one. When parents establish themselves as friends with their children, they are putting themselves in a position to better understand their children, be there for them during difficult times, and help them grow into well-adjusted adults. 2. What being friends with your child looks like Being friends with your child is not about coddling or spoiling them. It’s about establishing a mutual respect and understanding that will serve as the foundation for a strong relationship. Here are 10 ground rules to help you get started: 1. Talk openly and honestly with each other. 2. Respect each other’s...

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Parenting and Studying

Studying while having a young one can be challenging. These are two major responsibilities that are equally important and tasking. One requires to be well equipped to ensure that they are able to finalize and pass school, still bringing up their child. Here is how you can do this successfully: Find Supportive friends. Supportive friends will ensure that you do not miss out in any class. These are the people who will shoot you a text once class starts and you have not yet appeared. Reminding you each time an assignment is due for submission. Such support system will keep you moving. Get help in looking after the baby. This includes getting help from all avenues that are around you. You can work out a plan that ensures either your partner, parent or nanny steps in to help. This will give you enough time to study, attend group discussions and work when you can.  Time to also rest is provided, as school can be tasking. You also need time to reset and become an effective parent. Study whenever you can. This includes studying in between classes, or even in the bus on your way home. This ensures that you maximize your day and that by the time you are getting home then your studying hours are well spent.  Join a study group Parenting and studying is made easier by...

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Taking stock …. 2021.

Are you still there? Did you miss me? It has been a couple of months ago since we last spoke. Let me tell you, Medical school is no joke. It squeezed all the juice that involved writing from me, but finally it is over, I am now Dr. Ruguru J. Kimani! Getting back into this space feels super familiar, like coming back home.  Now, before we move into the new year resolutions, it is only fair that I share with you what I have been upto for the last few months. Here we go! Making: Plans of more rest...

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Numerous Benefits of Breastmilk Pumping

Breastmilk pumping is a practice that has constantly impressed me with the liberation that it gives women. Being able to pump milk, store it and feed your baby later was a practice that would have been unimaginable in the past. Are you a mother that has been beating up yourself for not being able to directly breastfeed your baby, but has had to pump? I am here to empower you and tell you that you are working hard enough and that you are raising a strong child! There are numerous benefits to it and that is what we will...

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Taking stock and life updates!

Hey there, I hope that you have all been fine. I have missed you so much. I definitely know that you have all missed me too ( chuckles from the bottom of my heart as I think of all the meaningful connections that I have made from this blog ). For those rolling your eyes from my silence, trust me, I have missed you all ! Anyway, I have been away because of school. I have been doing my fifth-year end of year examinations. Despite having a very tight schedule, I always think about my community of readers out...

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