Numerous Benefits of Breastmilk Pumping

Breastmilk pumping is a practice that has constantly impressed me with the liberation that it gives women. Being able to pump milk, store it and feed your baby later was a practice that would have been unimaginable in the past. Are you a mother that has been beating up yourself for not being able to directly breastfeed your baby, but has had to pump? I am here to empower you and tell you that you are working hard enough and that you are raising a strong child! There are numerous benefits to it and that is what we will...

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Taking stock and life updates!

Hey there, I hope that you have all been fine. I have missed you so much. I definitely know that you have all missed me too ( chuckles from the bottom of my heart as I think of all the meaningful connections that I have made from this blog ). For those rolling your eyes from my silence, trust me, I have missed you all ! Anyway, I have been away because of school. I have been doing my fifth-year end of year examinations. Despite having a very tight schedule, I always think about my community of readers out...

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Protecting Children in a Public Divorce.

A divorce is one of the most painful experiences that one can go through. The pain that the parents would be going through trickles down to the children. This would also be amplified if the divorce is on a public platform, where every Tom, Dick and Harry have the chance to give their opinions. The children might be young and cannot understand what is happening but sometime in the future they will be able to sit and read all what was being said about their family. We have seen messy divorces locally here in Kenya and also internationally with...

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7 Reasons Why Babies Cry Overnight

Newborns do not sleep overnight most of the night.  They wake up a couple of times to feed. This might however be accompanied by frantic crying spells that might causes distress to the parents.  Babies mostly communicate through crying as they cannot speak. Below are some of the things that might cause crying of a child overnight: Colic This is stomach discomfort caused by allergies in children. It is mainly common in formula fed babies due to an allergy to the proteins in cow milk. It can also be due to lactose intolerance. Learning this in a child can...

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Danger signs of Illness in a child

Illnesses in children manifest in different ways. As a parent, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms in order to identify them early. Here are the danger signs indicating illnesses in a child: Refusal to feed At home, the eating habits of a child are easy to track. For the young children who cannot talk, refusal to either breastfeed or bottle feed is important to note. For the older children, they will express disinterest in eating and have reduced appetite. This is one of the indicators of illness in a child. If you are a parent who...

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