Sexual abuse is one of the greatest crimes the can be committed against a child. I believe that those who do these actions are inhuman and do not respect life and its existence. Children are innocent, and so we as their parents should take it upon ourselves to protect them. Here are a few ways in which we can do this:

  • We should protect our children right from home. We should be careful when housing domestic workers and relatives. This is because some of these crimes are purported by people that we trust. We should be at the forefront of ensuring that we do not expose our children to people that might cause harm to them.
  • We should get close to our children. This would make it very easy for them to report anything uncomfortable going on around them.Making time for them creates an avenue for dialogue.
  • Self-defense classes. There are very many organizations offering self-defense classes for young children. This would make it possible for them to protect themselves if equipped with the skills. Most of them are offered during the weekends or over the holidays when they are at home.
  • We should teach them how they should grade indecent touch from what should be comfortable. Children who are empowered and well educated in this field would not let anyone touch their genitals no matter how friendly they may seem to be. We as parents should take it upon ourselves to teach them on the no-go-zones for people.
  • We should avoid leaving them alone or sending them to secluded areas. This is very dangerous as we know what kind of danger that we would be exposing them. We should be at the forefront to ensure that their whereabouts are known to us and that they are safe.

I love children very much, and I believe that we should fight tooth and nail to ensure that they are safe! Please share this article widely; we need to protect our children.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.