What is diaper rash?
Diaper rash is a mild and self-limited skin condition in young infants and toddlers that occurs in skin
surfaces that are in direct contact with diapers (the thighs, buttocks and genitalia)
It is actually very common and most of the time requires minimal intervention.
What are the symptoms of diaper rash?

  1. Irritated and red skin in the diaper region
  2. The baby cries when you wash or touch the diaper region
    What causes diaper rash?
     Prolonged contact with the baby’s stool and urine leads to irritation of the baby’s skin
     Chemical irritation from products e.g. baby wipes, lotions, oils, powder, detergent, fabric
    softener and a new diaper brand
     Introduction of new foods- it leads to changes in stool composition which can cause a diaper
     Bacterial or fungal infections
     If your baby has sensitive skin!
    How do you treat a diaper rash?
     Maintain a good hygiene by changing the diaper frequently and using a superabsorbent diaper
     Clean the diaper area with warm water
     Avoid baby wipes with alcohol or fragrance
     Pat the baby’s skin dry or let it air dry. Avoid scrubbing
     For infections apply topical antibiotics or antifungals
     You could consider using ointments on the diaper area
     Give the baby some diaper free time- makes healing faster.
    When to see a doctor
    The rash should clear within 3-4 days without medical treatment
    You should see a doctor when:-
  3. The rash persists after a few days of home treatment
  4. The child develops a fever
  5. The rash develops ulcers, blisters or pimples
  6. The rash spreads outside the diaper area

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