It can be a nightmare when you are trying to get your child to sleep in the evenings and they cannot. This happens a lot during the nights when you are most tired. Here are a few things that you should do to ensure that your child sleeps early:

(a) Try creating an evening schedule

This is should include activities such as bathing her right before they sleep. This will make them associate bathing and sleeping. This means that they will not bother you when you lay them in bed.

(b) Give them less sugary foods during the evenings

This will reduce the sugar levels in their body. Hyperactivity and jumping around during sleeping time will be a thing of the past to them. Try and give them warm milk juts before they sleep. Keep off soda or bars of chocolate.

(c) Make sure they are well fed

Feed children very well before they sleep. This should include a meal an hour before they sleep. Hunger keeps children awake as they are also cold. They have a large surface area to volume ratio, leading to a very high rate of heat loss from their bodies.

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