This sounds very strange, but yes, children have mental illnesses. They have become very common lately. This is why we should strive to learn about then and be able to point them out easily.  Most children are are at times thought as being anti social or I’ll mannered where as they are genuinely sick. They are simply tiny gifts that we need to take care of and understand in totality.

I am currently rotating in the Psychiatric department and some conditions have fascinated me. I have found them to be super interesting and I think that I should share them with you.

(#)Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

This is a common disorder where children have problem concentrating in activities. They might have trouble listening to their teachers in school or simple tasks at home. They might also present with hyperactivity such that they have trouble sleeping at night.They might also have trouble controlling various certain emotional impulses.

(#)Anxiety Disorders

This is a disorder where children have trouble sleeping, concentrating or even having headaches.They might have a lot of fear most of the time. They literally are never at peice as tgt are worried about so many things and most of the times and might have very sweaty palms.This might be precipitated by harsh care givers. Shouting at them might create intractable  anxiety.


This is a disorder that affects children mentally. They are mostly accompanied by maladaptive behaviours such as alcoholism or even eating disorders. We can have three types of depression which are dysthymia, major depression and bipolar disorder.

With time I will share more on this in the paediatric psychiatric department! Let me make it clear that for all this conditions there is a solution. Seeking medical attention and early treatment and lead to resolution and leading of a normal life.

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Ruguru Kimani.