A child is a blessing to parents and to a marriage.  Being a parent on the other hand is a responsibility that calls for a lot of attention. No parent chooses the kind of child they want and hence your only duty as a parent is to love them unconditionally and take care of them.

Some children are born with Autism, this is a mental disorder, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people in using language and abstract concepts.

Autism can be diagnosed at a very early age between 2-3 years as the child tends to take longer time to communicate and other unusual growth behaviors compared to other children.

A parent raising an autistic child is advised to accept  the fact that the child will not be like others therefore he/she is not comparable to the normal children of their age.

This acceptance will play a critical role as it gives the autistic child an ample environment to learn doing things his own way.

Loving them comes in handy with acceptance. Sometimes parents with autistic kids tend to hide their children from the community because of stigma. If you do not love them then you can hardly take good care of them. This will make the child feel neglected as the society will treat him/her just the same way as the parents do.

Talents are Gods given gift, this means even the autistic children do have talents, and hence parents should  keenly observe and discover any certain skill in them and support him/her unconditionally to develop the talent.

People should not mistake the autistic children as a burden because most of the times are when those kids aren’t comfortable with too much dependency all their parent need to do is teach them how to do certain things on their own such as feeding themselves, this enables the mental health of this kids because they can feel their guardians have faith in them to let them do things freely.

Taking them to normal schools is a good idea as it helps them interact with other kids and help them learn, as much as they are different from other kids, do not separate them, they should interact it helps in growth of the speech and intellect.

Autism is like any other disability that just requires the society to understand and appreciate these children as it strengthens them.

Credit : Kandi Mchemi

Feature Image src : https://theautismcafe.com