Have you had this menace where every single nanny leaves within 2 months? Have you had more than 6 nannies in the last one year? I know what it feels like.

Some of us get our nannies from the villages through the help of our relatives. This so far has been the best idea as we believe that they are naïve and will keep away from the city drama. Some of us get them from ‘Nannie Hiring Companies’, where we believe they get enough training in household chores.Despite making these choices, they end up quitting.

I had a personal  experience with a Nannie my mother had hired 14 years ago. She locked the house and left my younger sister outside when she was only 6 months old. This was without any prior notice! The neighbours realised there was a baby outside when they heard the incessant cries.

Many parents have had nannies leave when they least expect, creating anguish and confusion.Here are some of the reasons as to why they quit:-

  • Poor pay.Most nannies are given meager pay with which they can hardly meet their personal needs. A certain amount of money should be agreed on before starting the job.
  • Seclusion. Most nannies love working in busy areas where they can freely mingle. In that case, areas that are closed up might tempt them to quit.
  • Family wrangles.Humans love peace. That said, no nannie would enjoy working in an environment where the employers are always fighting and arguing. This might prompt them to leave.
  • Micromanagement.We at times employ nannies but want to dictate every single detail of their work. It is at times very uncomfortable and irritating. It is okay to train them on a few things for the first few days,but after some time maybe we should let them do their job.
  • Better opportunities. You might get a nannie from the village or from a company but when they get to your home area another opportunity comes up. They would definitely have to quit and get the better job!

So, when your Nannie quits, most of the time they have very good reasons to do so. Make sure that you have a lengthy discussion on the working conditions when they start working at your house.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.

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