Social media has now become one of our most important journals. We keep our treasured memories there, and even share them with a community of strangers. Privacy settings on our individual profiles have slowly been put away, the more the followers, the better, despite whether you know them or not. This should in turn come with careful measures of ensuring that we sensor what we put out there. We have chosen to be on social media, but our young ones have not made the choice to live their lives out there publicly. These are some of our children’s details that we should not put out there for the world to see:

a)School Details

Posting pictures of your child in their school uniform or on their school is not safe. Anyone who would have intentions of kidnapping your child would easily pick them up from school after coming up with a lie. Or simply pry on them during school trips. Even more, they would follow the school bus and go away with them right before the child gets into the house after being dropped off.

b) Your Child’s Fears

Do not make lame jokes on what your child fears. Their worst nightmares would be someone else’s manure on bullying them. For example, making fun of how your child does not eat chips because they are already obese would get them bullied in school. The form of over expression we are having on social media is detrimental

c)Embarrassing Moments

For example, posting pictures of your child when they are naked or when bathing could be detrimental since those pictures can haunt them when they grow up. They will not remain as kids forever and if they would like to be in the public domain, when such details are dug out, it might not auger well with the people. Those are moments to be kept at home. Take those pictures, and keep them for their future reference.


A child tends to warm up to someone who recognizes them. If someone calls out their name, but they do not recognize them, they might go towards them thinking that maybe it is a friend to their parent. That is how most kidnappings happen, only because a parent exposed their child to such risks by putting up pictures and names on social media.

What other details do you think should be kept private about our children, and not all over social media? Let me know.

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Lots of love

Ruguru Kimani