If you are reading this, you probably had to help your parents with a lot of house Chores. Kids nowadays just want to sit down, watch Netflix and chill.  Hanging out with their friends after school has become a norm. As a parent, you get to break your back doing all the work at home. Here are some hacks to ensure that your children put in some work ;-

a)Give your nanny a holiday

Once in a while, it would be amazing to give your nanny a break. Especially during the holidays. This would leave your children a lot of tasks to work on. Also with the amount of time in their hands, they will be able to learn a lot of chores.  They will definitely help with the cooking and cleaning too.

b)Divide chores among them

This would be perfect especially over the weekends. This would work perfectly if one asked them to organise their whole week’s uniform. To even go to other lengths, it would be perfect if they would also learn to iron their clothes. Even cleaning up their rooms would be an  easy tasks for them.

c) Give them incentives to work

Giving your children incentives in line with what they are able to achieve at home would be great. Also we as adults work perfectly with renumeration with work we do. Good rewards such as lunch at a restaurant, some money or even a trip word encourage them to help around with tasks at home. That way they will learn in the process.

Kindly let me know what else you do to train your children on how to work at home.

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Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.