I ask, how big should a family be? This is a question that would be answered differently by most of you. I will give my answer right here the bigger, the merrier! This is my opinion influenced by the size of my family back at hom;we are 8. I believe that this is topic that most girls discuss in their sleep overs, dressed up in their little cute pajamas. Guys rarely  discuss this, if they do, maybe this is when they are on their sixth or seventh bottle of you know what. (They avoid the topic like a plague!)

I would like to share my thoughts on factors that you should consider when deciding on your family size:-

(1)Look at your finances. This is one of the main things that you should put into consideration. Before you bring your little babies into this world, make sure that you can provide for all of them. This means that you can take them to good schools, get them good food, and also have enough money left for their entertainment.

(2)How big is your house? This should be important to look into if at all you are not planning to move out anytime soon. There should be enough space for them to live in and play!

(3)Your parenting skills. How good are you at bringing up children? If you know that you are not very good at managing a very big family, then, maybe you should stick to having a small one. The  few children that you have will get maximum attention from you. Or els, you can always refer to Exciting Parenting, and that way, you will sharpen your skills.

(4)Your spouse’s preference. There should be a common line of agreement between you and your partner on how many children you should have, and that way, you can come up with your ideal size.

(5)Your health status. As women, we might have a few health conditions in which getting pregnant is contraindicated,such as in class 4 heart diseases. These include pulmonary artery hypertension or previous peripartum cardiomyopathy.

I am sure there are more things that we should consider. Please leave them at the comment section!

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani!

Photo credits: Wikimedia