Being a single dad is one of the most challenging roles that a parent might have to face. Men believe that women know most of the fundamental tasks in child upbringing. When faced with this, a myriad of problems might be the least of what you experience. Here is something special that I have prepared for you:

 Talk to your employer and try to and adjust your schedule
You might want to leave work earlier and spend some time with your child. A bit of tweaking on your schedule would be great. Have I mentioned that you need to go through their homework each day? This is where you ensure that their work is done perfectly!
 Join a support group of other single fathers
This would be exhilarating as it would make it easy for you to share and hear experiences of other fathers. It is also great as you would plan activities for your children to get together during the holidays.
 Maintain a strong connection with your children
Being the only parent taking care of children is not easy. It is necessary that you get as close to them as possible to ensure that they would be able to let to know about anything. They would also be comfortable playing games with you.
 Take the children on trips and holidays
You will never know the power of a holiday on children until you take them on one. You might imagine that only adults on tight work schedules need to go on a vacation. School can also be stressing. When you take that break with them. This will also give you a chance to bond with them.

This should leave you a better parent! Don’t forget to leave a comment behind.

cover photo credits :
Lots of love,
Ruguru Kimani.