How are you doing during this period? We can all agree that this is undeniably one of the most confusing moments that we have experienced so far. I am also lost in all this but trying to find myself. As I shared on the previous post, I bet you want to go back there and see what I wrote as I took stock during this moment.

Amidst all this, I have received emails and messages on my social media platforms on people wanting me to cover the topic of abusive parenting during this trying moment. It drains my spirit and breaks my heart to imagine that there are parents that have decided to make the life of children difficult during this moment.

Nevertheless, there are parents who have taken this moment to build any destroyed relationship between them and their children. This is commendable. This same time has made families to get closer to each other and to also become close knit. This is what such moments can breed, love and understanding.

On the other side, we have very many stories that I have seen mostly coming up from students from higher institutions of learning, considering that most of them do not actively stay at home and only mainly come home during the holiday season for a short time. The way in which we are passing information to them is not kind. The way we are speaking to these children is questionable.  A seed of resentment can easily build up in the hearts of our children. Some of them have even reported of having insults hurled at them for minor mistakes that they have made in the house. All this is not necessary.

We need to understand that as our children are growing up, they are vocal beings and also opinionated and would want to comment on many things. Let us give them the space to express themselves without necessarily feeling the pressure to shut them down. We are all stressed out  during this time and thus taking out the pressure on our children is not good.

Let us treat them we love and respect, and we will have a harmonious stay at home, as we wait for the pandemic to pass.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know on the comment section and we can chat there!

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Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.