Studying while having a young one can be challenging. These are two major responsibilities that are equally important and tasking. One requires to be well equipped to ensure that they are able to finalize and pass school, still bringing up their child. Here is how you can do this successfully:

  1. Find Supportive friends.

Supportive friends will ensure that you do not miss out in any class. These are the people who will shoot you a text once class starts and you have not yet appeared. Reminding you each time an assignment is due for submission. Such support system will keep you moving.

  1. Get help in looking after the baby.

This includes getting help from all avenues that are around you. You can work out a plan that ensures either your partner, parent or nanny steps in to help. This will give you enough time to study, attend group discussions and work when you can.  Time to also rest is provided, as school can be tasking. You also need time to reset and become an effective parent.

  1. Study whenever you can.

This includes studying in between classes, or even in the bus on your way home. This ensures that you maximize your day and that by the time you are getting home then your studying hours are well spent. 

  1. Join a study group

Parenting and studying is made easier by joining a group discussion. You are all covered as study times are well blocked, and the mandatory discussion times ensure that you remain up to date with whatever is happening. When working in a group, rarely will you ever be out of sync with what is being covered in class, as you and your group ensure that you are all up to date. 

  1. Be Organized

You have to be very organized. Have a structured way of doing things around the house. This includes having meal plans organized for the week. So that you do not have a lot of time cooking in between the week. Also, plan the child’s schedule planned out very well. You cannot afford to have unnecessary hitches taking you off the track.

  1. Get ready for emergencies

You will not be at home with your child all the time. It is only prudent that people who stay with him/her get prepared to care for the child incase there are emergencies. Ensure that they have the child’s insurance card, contact to a taxi that can quickly take them to hospital and the child’s details including allergies. This makes it very easy for emergencies to be handled even before you get to your child. 

Have you been a parent and a student? Feel free to add more tips on how you did it in the comment box.

Lots of Love,

Dr. Ruguru Kimani.