Every parent wants to have a child who gets along with the other children. You want to go to a play ground and have your child hang out and play with the others in peace.

I have seen many mothers who get stressed out when they have to go to public places. Either the children are ill mannered and fight with the rest or are too shy and will sit at a corner the whole time. We want that vibrant child who always has a good time with their peers, and thank God I have solutions to that:

-Teach your children equality.

Children need to understand that despite the financial situation of their parents, they need to respect their fellows. This is a major task to be carried out by the parents. As much as they might have everything at their disposal, they should understand that it is imperative for them to maintain good social relationships with their agemates.

-Let them mingle with their agemates.

We might have over protective parents who imagine that their children might be in danger all the time.Children should be let free to relax and enjoy themselves, as long as necessary security precautions have been taken. During weekends they should have time set aside to bond with other children in the neighborhood and get to know each other more.

-Setting a good example for them

Children tend to do exactly what they see their parents doing.  Whatever they hear their parents say about their neighbours is the same attitude that they will have when facing their children. We should be very careful of the kind of things that we say in our children’s presence ; it might be influencing them negatively. This might create a big problem when it comes to forming solid relationships with their peers in the future.

I hope this peice has been helpful. Kindly let me know what you think in the comment box.

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Ruguru Kimani.