Feeding time at our homes can lie at both extremes; stressing or enjoyable. Some of us have a hard time ensuring that our children eat at least three spoons of their food. It is heart-wrenching when a child cannot finish a plate of the stew you carefully prepared from your recipe book. Here are some of the reasons why they might be feeding poorly:

  • How is your cooking?

At times we tend to imagine that children are the ones who are at fault for not eating. We once had a nanny who would cook food that I would closely compare to the taste of boiled water with salt in it. It was horrible. We would not eat unless mum cooked. This is why you should see to it that you cook tasty food.

  • Is your child allergic to something?

I am celiac (allergic to wheat, barley and rye). Before I got the diagnosis, I had one hell of a time. When I took any wheat, I would have serious bloating and stomach aches. Maybe your child has hyper-acidity too, and if you feed them on beans they can hardly finish their food.

  • Does your child snack too much?

Let us say that after school, they eat two bars of chocolate and a can of Pringles (this is my favorite snack)! An hour later during dinner, you serve them with a plate of rice and meat (I am currently looking at you with large surprised panda eyes). There is no way they will be able to eat all that, is there?

  • They might be having indigestion.

The same way we have stomach upsets that prevent us from eating, is the same way that children might be feeling. If you notice that your child throws up after eating, then, they need to see a doctor. If they take a few bites and it is apparent that they cannot eat anymore, maybe they have a medical condition.

  • This is another very interesting category of children.

I am not sure whether I should say that it is genetic or they simply do not like eating. I have a younger sister who will be all smiles when it comes to studying and doing their assignments. However, it becomes very hectic when they have to eat. Either way, we have to force the food down her throat.

Before you pinch your child and use the belt on them because they are not eating, you should consider the above reasons. Are there any more reasons that you would want to add? Please leave a comment below.

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Ruguru Kimani.