We have recently had this debate on whether our teachers should be allowed to carry guns to schools. I would say I’m relieved it got swept under the carpet. There are some who argued that it would give them an upper hand in case armed shooters came to school facilities. But again, I tend to think that the disadvantages significantly outweigh the advantages.

How many times have we heard of teachers who have beaten up students to death, or even maimed them? With a mere stick. Other cases were bizzare where some teachers inflicted serious trauma to the children using Biro pens on their heads, where they would even bleed out to death. I am not saying that teachers are violent, but some students can be annoying and irritating and not all of them have a high temper threshold to handle such. That is why they at times lash out on them. This is why I believe we should keep guns away from our schools to avoid handling weapons that would be way too dangerous.

Another question, what kind of storage facilities will be put up in the schools for the guns? Just imagine if a teacher rushed to the washroom and left her gun in class and one of the students picked it up and went on a shooting rampage. Are we equipping ourselves to kill ourselves? That is not what I think parents want happening in schools. Living in fear and terror. We might have to install safes in school to keep the guns In safety.

Are we ready to take all the teachers in the country on serious training on gun handling? That should cost us billions of shillings. Do we have the time to first close the schools and have the teachers go into the barracks? This is unrealistic, as we would not want to release half-baked gun handlers into the unsuspecting public.

Also, how many teachers do we have in the country? That means that a very large population will be having guns. That will be the beginning of gun crimes as not everyone will genuinely take up the task of protecting our children. Have we not heard of ‘people’ renting out guns given to them legally, to criminals? Imagine what would happen if we had guns all over? I believe it was a good decision to put that all away, for the safety of our children and the society at large

What I believe we should be asking for as a nation is proper security in our schools. Bringing in of armed policemen to guard our school entries and exits. That is what we need, professionals should do it. Let us advocate for this to ensure that as our children sit in those classrooms in this country, we can comfortably chew gum in our workplaces.

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Ruguru Kimani.