Raising identical twins is fun and hectic at the same time especially if they are of the same gender.It will be easier to identify a boy from a girl but if they are both boys or girls the parents are sometimes confused too.

Here are some tips you can use to differentiate your identical twins;

1)Put on different Bracelets

When they are still small babies it becomes so hard to tell who is who but you differentiate them by putting different color of bracelet or ribbon on their hands,like you could put a pink one on Allison and a blue one on Allexus.This will help you remember which baby is which all through the days without any struggle.


Dressing them different color of clothes or different designs is also preferred by many parents ,Like Laura is always on red,green or polka dots design clothes and Lily is always on pink,blue or stripped clothes.People around will also differentiate them easily.

3)Paint a single toenail

Paint a single toenail of one twin. Many parents find it helpful to paint a single toenail on one twin. This way, you’ll know which twin is which. You can paint Laura purple and leave Lily with no paint.If you get confused, check the toes. You’ll know you’re feeding or changing Laura’s daiper.

4)Hair texture

One twin may have curly,soft hair,  while the other has straight,hard hair. The next time you see one of the twins, you’ll be able to quickly differentiate based on hair type.

5)Skin tone

Their skin tone can sometimes vary from the other.One twin can be light and the other twin can be dark.

One can also have dimples on both cheeks and the other one, on one cheek or Allison could be the dimpled baby girl and Allexus could lack them.

6)Eating habits

Learn their eating habits.

They both can’t have the same habit.One will always be a good feeder while another will be a poor feeder but with time as they grow the habit might change.


7)Physical differences

Be keen and observe some small  physical differences

There are always small physical differences that you can use to tell one twin from another. Look for things like freckles,birthmarks, moles, and other distinguishing features.

These can be used to tell twins apart.

As they grow up it becomes even easier to tell them apart because you will study them more as they develop their real characteristics;

8)Observe their wardrobe.

As they grow up each will have their own different sense of fashion.Most twins don’t like dressing the same as they grow older.You might find one fond of wearing casual attire while the other one more of official clothes.

One may also love changing their wardrobe according to the trend but the other one will just be constant with the type of design they love.

Things like makeup, jewelry, and accessories are helpful tools.

One twin may be known for liking some type of accessory like earings,rings and necklaces and the other one could  prefer being natural or just put on simple earings.

And if they wear make up, they may wear slightly different shades. One twin’s makeup may usually be more dramatic, while another’s is more toned down. One twin may prefer pink lipstick, while the other prefers black.


They also posses different personalities Liam  could be the shy one and Leroy could be the social and outgoing person who likes interacting and having fun with their friends.

One will also be dependent on themselves and be able to make their own decisions while the other one will tend to copy what the other twin is doing.

10)Habits and mannerisms

Twins may also have slightly different mannerisms and habits, which you may notice after spending a lot of time with them.One could have the habit of biting fingernails which could also be an expression of being shy  while the other can can be hair picking while talking.

If you are in doubt when it comes to differentiating them,ask politely.

Like,”I’m sorry,but are you Liam or Leroy?”and thank the twin for answering assuring them you

won’t forget the next time.Because sometimes twins get slightly annoyed, many identical twins understand others have trouble telling them apart.

Post Credit : Kandi Mchemi

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