This is one of the most exciting articles I have written so far. I woke up very early today and started working on it (I had to drink 2 cups of coffee). I have had to do a bit of tweaking on my thought process to ensure that I get you the best there is.

When it comes to matters of love, I must say it drives the world crazy. Special days such as the 14th of February, are when couples make sure that they express their love to each other. A weekend getaway would be the best thing to do, or maybe a romantic dinner for two at a luxurious restaurant out of town. Things only get hectic when your nanny will not show up on such a day and you have to celebrate it with your children. Here is how you can do it:

  • Create a romantic environment at home. You can clean up your house; put some amazing scents and beautiful lights. This is going to create a great environment for you two and the kids. Get some wine and you could always order some food or ask a chef to come and cook form your kitchen (you should try Ruby Plate and thank me later. You can reach them from their Facebook page.) This will give you enough time to dress up and look pretty.
  • Have fun games at home. You can buy board games that involve very many players and incorporate your children. After dinner you would do this and have so much fun.
  • You could have a karaoke night at home. You could let the children dress up too, download some of their favorite songs with their lyrics and they can sing along to them. You could easily sing some romantic classics for your loved one. Trust me it’s going to be so much fun.
  • You could invite a relative over. If you want to have some private time alone, you could always have your mother-in-law or someone who will not be having a date that evening (sounds pretty selfish, but you’ve got to do it)! They could do the baby sitting upstairs as you have dinner downstairs.
  • You could also et the children to bed early. This means that you could prepare dinner very early for them and let them sleep by 7:30pm. You can then set up a romantic dinner at your garden and have a great time. There you can chat the evening away and laugh as loudly as you would like to.

I am sure that you now feel much better about Valentine’s date night despite not having a nanny. Relax and breath, it’s going to be fine. I almost leaked out my Valentine’s plan for tomorrow (whoop! whoop!), as I typed and typed. I have to stop here now and get going.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.