Hello there! This will be a very interesting post. I suggest that you get a cup of coffee and some cookies, we are going for a long ride. I am wearing this post on my sleeve as I share some things that my family loves doing and I hope it excites yours too.

I will share with you one of my beauty and peace giving secrets. My mum and I love spending tonnes of time together, mostly on weekends when I am at home. We recently discovered a ‘Beauty Home’ down in Hurlingham, Nairobi. This is Body Evolution by Winnie. They offer body treatments (for those of us who want to lose weight), massages and facials. They also have a wide range of beauty products of their own that work on all skin types.

We had a lot of fun! I think that women and their daughters should move out of their comfort zones and spend time out of their homes. This creates bonding for them and their relationship becomes stronger. Learning how to relax in different ways is also very important for the whole family’s well being.

Another thing I would highly recommend is having family movie time. At least once in a month, the family should set aside some time to enjoy and laugh together. This is very import as you get to spend time together and also learn more about each other, which is nowadays not taken very seriously.

Have you also thought of doing the house shopping together. This is mostly applicable for the young families. Look at it this way, if you want to purchase a certain brand of cookies and your child insists on the gluten free ones, you might realise that they are having some aversion towards the other ones.  If you dig deeper, maybe they are having gluten intolerance!

Have you thought of attending social functions together? How would you know if your child is having confidence issues if you do not watch him/her associating with the rest of the world? He might be fine as long as it is within your home, but when you get out there that’s when you notice that there is a problem.

Do you let each of your children ( for older children) take part in cooking at home? We hold cooking competitions once in a while where we the children try to ‘out-cook’ our mother! We were doing it for fun but we ended up learning so many skills and having so much fun. Those are great times that I look forward to each time I am off-campus.

This is one of the best thing that we do! Change the house arrangement once in a while(like three time a year *chuckles*). We all have favorite seats and the aim is always to get the seat that you love most nearest to the TV! It is always a lot of fun and it gives the house a fresh feeling every single time. Have you thought of this?

The one that I least like is the ‘cleaning weekend’. Have you ever cleaned a house till all crevices as dustless? Thats what we do! Its quite tedious but the house gets sparkling clean…I mean ‘shiny!!!’ The feeling there after is great!

Kindly share with me what you love doing at home, maybe we might just try that too! Leave a comment below.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.