Hey there, I hope that you have all been fine. I have missed you so much. I definitely know that you have all missed me too ( chuckles from the bottom of my heart as I think of all the meaningful connections that I have made from this blog ). For those rolling your eyes from my silence, trust me, I have missed you all !

Anyway, I have been away because of school. I have been doing my fifth-year end of year examinations. Despite having a very tight schedule, I always think about my community of readers out here. 

Now, since we are all here, let me give you an update about my life, something small that keeps lighting up my brain when I think about it. I am now an Editorial Intern at the Annals of African Surgery, www.annalsofafricansurgery.com. This is a platform that publishes research papers from all over Africa on the various surgical fields. I am on the media Team. I am exhilarated that I get to brush shoulders with reputable surgeons from all over the continent, and to also work hand in hand with surgical society of Kenya.

Now, let us start taking stock:

Making: Eggs for supper, and maybe some ugali. I am very exhausted. I do not have much time to go all out with the six course meals I make myself all the time.

Eating: A lollipop. The watermelon flavor just drives me crazy. Ideas on what to write for this blog are flowing pretty fast with the sugar.

Drinking: I have been drinking a lot of coffee of late. This definitely has to do with keeping me awake for longer hours so that I can study into the night.

Reading: Just school books, nothing flashy of late.

Wanting: To go on a long road trip, out of town. Where I can rest, swim and have zero worries for a weekend.

Playing: “The blessing” a lot more. It is such a strong gospel song, it takes me to a whole new level.

Creating: Memories with my classmates. May it be in a group discussion or during lunch hours, I am enjoying every single moment in it, and capturing the loveliest ones.

Wishing: I could find a nice place around my home that sells gluten free cakes. I hate the fact that I have to hold myself down each time people around me are eating tasty pastries.

Enjoying: That I am now on a short holiday and I can sleep in as much as I can. Also spending lots of time with my family at home.

Loving: The nivea pearl deodorant that I am wearing.

Hoping: To be able to finish up setting up a steady work-school timetable that will fit into each other like a puzzle. Any applications that can help me set this up? I would thrive with one that has proper reminders and planning capabilities. Kindly let me know in the comment section.

Marveling: At my consistency in my work out routine. My friends, Fauna and Julian can attest to it that in the past I could only run if I was in trouble. Nowadays I work out from my home with such ease. This is pure growth.

Smelling: A honey sucker just passed outside my house, so let us not get into much details about what I am smelling. HAHAHAHAHA

Wearing: An Isuzu Kenya T-shirt belonging to Mr. T. Fits perfectly well.

Following: Instagram stories from someone that I choose not to mention here. I do not want all of you to come for me with twigs, lol.

Noticing: That it has not rained for such a long time. Wait, are we now at the part of our conversation where we discuss the weather?

Knowing: That nothing lasts forever, not even the bad times.

Feeling: Touched by the work that Francis Amonde of Cup of Uji does. Kindly just look up “cup of uji” on Instagram and give a donation. I hope your curiosity drives you there.

Bookmarking: Various pages on how to make the bomb dot com Instagram and Facebook content. This is part of my work at Annals of African Surgery, but again, this is also a chance for me to horn my content creation skills on Exciting Parenting as well !!

Opening: Another tab on my computer to check out my previous taking stock posts, to see what I had been writing. This space feels like a diary for me, where I get to catch up on my previous self.

Giggling: At the latest upload on The Garfield show. This is something that I have watched since childhood, as an adult, I am still glued to the screen!

Now, what have you been up to? Feel free to open up and catch up with me on  the comment section.