How have you all been? How is the pre-Christmas period going for all of you? It is the moment to be jolly once more! This taking stock series is one that I enjoy writing all the time as it Is a moment for me to connect with all of you on a personal basis. A little away from the parenting and child health content. As I have always said, I borrowed this from Sharon Mundia, a blogger and YouTuber that I have loved for such a long time.

Making: Some tea Masala for breakfast. It is on a rainy Saturday; I am indoors and looking forward to having a very productive day. The tea gives me a very natural vibe, like I am really taking care of my body!

Eating: Some sweet potato pancakes. I have been gluten intolerant for nine years now. Life has been tough, but this year, Samwa Foods came up with flour that is not from wheat. Let me tell you (Maina -if you know, you know!) all, I have been looking for every single chance to make myself pancakes and have interesting breakfasts just like everybody else. This gives me a break from the Ugali and Cassava for breakfast.

Drinking: A lot more water. My friend Isry gifted me a beautiful pink water bottle that has been motivating me to hydrate a lot more.

Reading: A new blog that I just discovered. Tatu Reginaldah! That girl can write!

Wanting: To make a lot of money and achieve financial freedom soon. You know, just walking into a store and purchasing whatever that I want without necessarily worrying about how much it actually costs. Or taking my family out for dinner and paying huge bills, without having a dent in my account?

Playing: More African music a lot more of late.

Creating: More time to watch movies that I like. Before, sitting down on hours on end watching a movie felt like a waste of time, but now I have come to respect that I enjoy doing it. I have thus decided to let myself indulge in watching something once in a while without obsessively looking at the clock.

Wishing: I could time travel and be done with Medical school already. Anyway, it is closer than ever now.

Enjoying: Content creation a lot more now. From making blog posts, creating content for brands to photoshoots!

Loving: That I have a family and friends that care about me dearly!

Hoping: To set up a pretty solid workout routine that will transform my body into fitness. I have not been the person to run, unless there is danger, but now I have improved a whole yard! I am doing this progressively to avoid falling off the wagon but in due time, I should be working out effortlessly.

Marveling: At how kind the universe has been. We are living during difficult times, but the world has kind gestures to show to us, through strangers, friends and loved ones.

Smelling: The Nivea Pearl deodorant that I am wearing. This is one scent that I have been very consistent with, all the way from high school

Wearing: A black T-shirt from Amnesty international and black tights. On top of all that is one of my signature yellow aprons, as I am just from making tea. Have you ordered your apron yet?

Following: Lots of stories from powerful black women, all of them led by Kamala Harris!

Noticing: That many times I am choosing to be kind to people, even when I am faced with disappointment, to me that is growth, and I celebrate it!

Knowing: That I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Also, that whatever is mine, will not miss me even if it is between two mountains, but whatever is not mine will escape me, even if it is between my lips. This has given me peace when things do not work out the way I was hoping they would.

Feeling: Excited about the recognition by the African Union Youth Program as one of the brightest stars of Africa. I just giggled in excitement as I typed down that! I was among three other youth from Seychelles, Cameroun and Zambia,

Bookmarking: Interesting pages from some dentistry sites. I will be reading them after I finish writing this blog post.

Opening: My bottle of water to have a bit more of the magic liquid.

Giggling: At the thought of the interesting conversations that I have been having with my friends of late. I wish I could record them for you all. Wait, what if, just what if I went back to YouTube and made interesting videos for you all to enjoy. Just what if?

Let me know how you have been in the comment section and we could catch up there!

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.