Yes, Exciting Parenting Has Moved!

Are you all there? Have you missed me? I did not realize how much I had missed this space until I picked up my computer to type away. I have missed you all so much. Also, I have noticed that most of you keep coming back here, to check in with me, to see if I have new content updated. Or even reading some of my old articles. I appreciate the love.

I am back, and here to stay. Here is what I have been up to, as I give you an update on where we have moved to! I know you have been waiting to know what the title is about! Let’s take stock.

Making: Big adjustments. I have moved to North Carolina in the United States of America. Yes, you heard me right! I am now taking my Master in Global Health at Duke University! Moving into a new country and starting a new life has been a huge adjustment for the last 3 weeks. However, I am determined to learn how systems run in America.

Eating: A lot of sandwiches! I am excited about eating bread and buns for the first time in my life as they have a lot of gluten-free items in the US. Breakfast has become very enjoyable for me now.

Drinking: My drinks with a lot of ice cubes!! It is summer here and it is super hot. I thought that Kenya was hot but I now know differently when I moved here. I feel like I am frying each time I step out of my house. This has made it necessary to have all my drinks with ice cubes, something that I have not done much in Kenya.

Reading: R and R Studio. My people. I have never imagined that I would ever in my life land in a coding class. Not in this life or the next. I am taking all my time to familiarize myself with this coding language and everything around it. Any of you with tips on how to maneuver R and R Studio? Please leave them in the comment section, I would appreciate it!

Wanting: To see my family so much. I have been homesick a lot these few weeks, however, the calls back home have helped alleviate that. I also miss Mr. T a lot!

Wasting: Very little time. I have a lot of reading to do!

Creating: A lot of time to rest after class and reflect. I understand that I am under a lot of pressure to get in the way of things around here, and that means simple things such as crossing the crossroads. However, I am also giving myself time to rest and take a break.

Enjoying: The kindness of the people in the country. I am loving it all!

Loving: My new classmates! They are a bunch of intelligent and lovely intellectuals! Also, I have been staring at a new piece of jewelry (diamond) on my finger from Mr. T., I love it! (If you know, you know).

Hoping: To get a perfect place to shop for all my spices, and to find tastes and brands that I like. I have been going to grocery stores and spending lots of time on the aisles but I awkwardly do not know what to pick.

Marvelling: At how we have sunlight outside at 8:00 pm. It shocked me so much the first time I got here!

Smelling: A fresh new scent for my room that I got once I arrived here.


Lots of Love,

Dr. Ruguru Kimani