Month: April 2019

Rice Pancakes For Your Kids !

       I have been gluten intolerant for 9 years now. Can you imagine not taking anything wheat eg chapo and mandazis for all that while? I would say I’m fortunate as I developed the non-classical form where one develops intolerance in late-teenage years. Some children are quite unfortunate to develop the classical type where intolerance develops in infancy. Making them understand why they cannot eat cake or biscuits when other kids are feasting is difficult. This is why over time I have shared different recipes that would be helpful for a parent in such a condition. They are right here...

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To Parents, on Ivy Wangeci’s Case.

You know of those scenarios that make blood curdle? Like a cup of milk left to stand for days? This is one of them. Scary. Dumbfounding. Again, this is one of them. I am sure that parents all over are worried. This would be every parent’s nightmare. To receive a call that the worst has happened to their daughter. I would say that their is no formula to avoid death. There is no way around it because you do not know when it happens. There is no mathematical equation that enables you to avoid getting murdered, and again, no...

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