Visiting a newborn is one of the most exciting occasions I have experienced. Babies, especially the very young ones, are cute and lovely. I have, at times, heard of many mothers complain of some of the uncouth visitors they have had to handle. Today we’re going personal. The tips here come from my experiences that I thought wise sharing with you.

  • Take the role of a host

When you get to the house, offer to help out in cleaning. If it is possible, make sure that you leave dinner in the fridge. Do some laundry and help wash the dishes. Trust me; the new parents need this a lot.

  • Dress light

You do not want to come looking all glam, which might leave the mother feeling frumpy as she does not look as great as she looked before. Grab some mum jeans and a T-shirt!

  • Make sure you are not sick

Nothing is as horrible as having a visitor come to see a newborn when they are suffering from flu. The mum will not be comfortable to have you around the baby lest you leave them sick. You can always push the visit till after you’re feeling better.

  • Leave your other children behind

I would not recommend that you bring your children such as those in preschool. This would be a lot of work to have the new mum accommodate all of you. It would put an unnecessary strain in your conversations as you have to maintain a divided attention.

  • Bring gifts to her other young children too

You don’t want to breed sibling rivalry! If the other children notice that all the attention and gifts are being directed to the newborn, they might build up resentment. So as you do your shopping, put in a few things for the rest.

  • You could ask them to come to your house

If the parents are open to visiting you, then, it would be better for them to come over. This would give them change from their usual environment. They will also not have a lot of cleaning to do as opposed to if you went visiting.

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