You know of those scenarios that make blood curdle? Like a cup of milk left to stand for days? This is one of them. Scary. Dumbfounding. Again, this is one of them. I am sure that parents all over are worried. This would be every parent’s nightmare. To receive a call that the worst has happened to their daughter.

I would say that their is no formula to avoid death. There is no way around it because you do not know when it happens. There is no mathematical equation that enables you to avoid getting murdered, and again, no one deserves to to be killed, in any way.

Nonetheless, we as human beings like to feel in control, and that is why I thought it wise to talk about a few factors here. To give you comfort, a sense of direction in this confusing moment. Honestly, you cannot hide your daughter in your houses, locked in a room to avoid getting stubbed or hacked to death. They have to face life on their own. But we could do a few subtle things to give them a firmer grip of life, so that they do not slip out of our hands as we watch. Here is what I have to say:

a) Money

This is a big issue. Something we talk about and deal with all the time. We as parents should do our best to provide for our children when they are in school, so that they do not get tempted to to go into crude ways of obtaining money. If that is not possible, we should teach them on being content.

Away from that, we must accept that we have good men who will date our daughters, and want to chip in when it comes to some of their needs, and not want to kill them. Those are men who feel responsible to take care, in a small way of the ladies they are dating. And they exist. So we might face the reality that our daughters might be receiving money from their boyfriends, especially if they are school, and I do not think that it is a bad thing. We simply need to help them pick out the right kind of men to get close to, so that they do not end up dead. Men who believe that they can give a lady their money and not tie it up to their life, and make it a matter of life and death. Decent men.

b)Being close to our girls.

It is important to get close enough to our daughters such that we know who they are seeing. To make them trust us enough to let us into their relationships. I don’t know how this happens, bug parents tend to have a third eye and they can always see through trouble early enough. Most ladies like I do would like to keep their relationships ‘chini ya maji’ , but once in a while, as a parent, throw around ‘blind advice’ on relationships, and who knows, your daughter might just hear it.

Also, if we are close to them, they might mention stalker to us and anyone who might be stressing them in any way, and that way we will be able to deal with it before we get to tragic scenarios.

c) Prayers

I believe in the power of prayers. Believing in a Being that is beyond us. God. From whatever religion you come from, I know you believe in the amazing power of prayers. Let us continuously pray for our children for protection and guidance.

d) Stalkers

This is the high time that we tighten up security concerns when it comes to stalkers. Stalking should be a crime that one can report and action taken. Serious action taken so that we can all feel secure. I personally feel that such  heinous crimes are giving other criminals out there ideas and validation for their evil thoughts. Let us strengthen our investigations when it comes to reports on stalking.

When men are asked their greatest fear in prison, it is getting raped. For women, they are scared of getting raped evey single day of their lives, anywhere, we live in a  prison. This is why security measures should be tightened up and every single call from our girls on the feeling of danger on their side should be taken seriously, whether the person is known to them or not.

What else do you think we could do? Let me know on the comment section .

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Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.