Month: September 2018

24 Facts About Me at 24.

I am turning 24! At first it was exciting but reality dawned on me that I had clearly not achieved much, compared to what I had hoped for. I then sat down and I had something to be happy about, I am alive. (BORA UHAI) Giving you these facts about myself feels like I’m unpeeling parts of me, like a banana as you watch. Or as if I’m lying on a dissection table as everyone gets to see how big my heart is, and how small my gall bladder is( I produce very little bile-literally!) So, let’s go :-...

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Raising identical twins is fun and hectic at the same time especially if they are of the same gender.It will be easier to identify a boy from a girl but if they are both boys or girls the parents are sometimes confused too. Here are some tips you can use to differentiate your identical twins; 1)Put on different Bracelets When they are still small babies it becomes so hard to tell who is who but you differentiate them by putting different color of bracelet or ribbon on their hands,like you could put a pink one on Allison and a...

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Getting Your Kids To Do Chores

If you are reading this, you probably had to help your parents with a lot of house Chores. Kids nowadays just want to sit down, watch Netflix and chill.  Hanging out with their friends after school has become a norm. As a parent, you get to break your back doing all the work at home. Here are some hacks to ensure that your children put in some work ;- a)Give your nanny a holiday Once in a while, it would be amazing to give your nanny a break. Especially during the holidays. This would leave your children a lot...

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