Working from home is very convenient and has become very popular among many people nowadays. Especially for the parents who chose to stay at home and work as they bring up their children. Here are a 10 easy ways to make money from home and still bring up your children!

1.Start a YouTube channel

YouTube has become a major source of income. Ways in which one can earn money from YouTube is by having the advertisements running on your channel. Also, one can work on collaborations with companies and make a couple of coins by endorsing them on your YouTube channel. And again, one does not have to own a sophisticated camera to be able to start a YouTube channel, but a decent phone with a camera would do just good.

2. Start a blog

Starting a blog is quite simple. There are platforms that make it easy for you to open one, an example is Making money from a blog would range from running advertisements on the site to making endorsements of companies. These blogs can simply be run from a smart phone. Simply chose a topic you like, do your research and simply share informative and entertaining content with us.

3. Start an online shop

Online shopping has been embraced all over the world. Instead of going on along shopping spree, one would easily go to the online stores and shop. This has also become a good business for thrifting stores selling second hand clothes. Most of these shops run on social media platforms, for example Instagram which makes account creating very simple. Just find items that you could sell,create yourself a decent social media following and post pictures of the items you are selling. You could do this from your phone or your laptop and find ways to deliver the items to the buyers. We currently have companies that have riders who can deliver items from your house to your customers from the comfort of your home.

4. Online Writing

Online writing is one of the ways to make money from home. One could own their own account or even receive jobs from a person who runs a solid business. The writing could range from translation jobs, transcription or even doing assignments for students abroad. Submission is also done online, so are the payments which can easily be transferred to your bank.

5.Working as a social media assistant

Very many social media personalities chose to have someone help them run their social media platforms. Many politicians also need assistants for this. Companies also hire social media managers to do this kind of job for them. A little bit of training and preparation is important in order to understand how to do the job, but when one is ready, it is smooth all the way, making money right from your house.

6.Food Delivery Business

Most people enjoy ordering in food to their homes instead of spending a lot of time making the meals themselves. With a social media platform to market your delicacies, you could simply make money from home. Training could be done online in order to perfect the several recipes; we have several YouTube channels that explain how to make certain meals for free. You could easily prepare meals; have them delivered to offices or homes by a rider to the exact addresses. And this way, you could simply work at home and make a kill for it.

7.Baby Sitting

If you are staying at home, you could simply baby sit your friend’s children and make money from it, right from your home. When they drop off their children, you need to ensure that they play, they are safe, well fed and that they remain dry. Certification from the government may be required if this is a day care set up.


As long as you have the skills and the correct equipment, making hair from your house would be easy. As long as your clients are comfortable with coming to your house, you could work on an appointment basis and schedule several clients during the day. This could also be coupled up with making nails. 

9.Cleaning of clothes

I have a couple of friends who do this and simply make money from their houses. What you could do, you can have someone collect clothes from clients who need cleaning done from them. You could also pick up the clothes yourself if you like. If you have a washing machine it is even easier. If you do not have one, you could do hand washing. After the clothes are dry, you iron them and deliver to the clients at a fee. Simple!


Tutoring can be done from the children’s home or if you like, the children could be dropped off and you could teach them from the comfort of your own house. You could tutor on the basic school subjects or simply extra things such as languages or skills. This could earn you extra coins right from your house.

Anything else that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section.

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